3W Clinic Crystal White Milky Body Lotion-150g

Made in Korea

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1. Low oil content and high moisture content, smoothly spread and keep fresh without stickiness.

2. Contains whitening functional ingredients to lighten the skin tone.

3. Natural functional ingredients deeply nourish the skin and apply it as a protective film to improve the moisturizing ability.

  1. Hydration: The body lotion is designed to provide moisture to the skin, helping to combat dryness and maintain skin's suppleness.

  2. Brightening: Crystal white and brightening ingredients in the lotion may help improve the overall radiance and evenness of the skin tone.

  3. Nourishing: The lotion could offer nourishment to the skin, contributing to its overall health and vitality.

  4. Smoothness: Regular use of the lotion may help improve skin texture, leaving it feeling smoother and softer.

  5. Light Texture: Body lotions often have a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling heavy or greasy.

  6. Refreshing Sensation: Applying the body lotion could provide a refreshing and invigorating sensation on the skin.

  7. Even Skin Tone: The lotion's potential brightening effects may help address areas of uneven skin tone and promote a more balanced complexion.

  8. Comfortable Application: The lotion's formulation makes it easy to apply and spread over the body.

  9. Pampering Experience: Using the body lotion offers a comforting and pampering step in your skincare routine.

Take the proper amount after showering and evenly distribute.

Contains four plant extracts - bamboo, the root of the Korean angelica, ginseng and ganoderma, which deeply nourish the skin well, and refresh it.

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