How to Buy

How to place an order on “WorldBrandBD”?
Wants to order from Daraz!! it’s easy!! just follow these simple steps below:-

Find your desired product from our ‘WorldBrandBD‘ website.

From the product page and press on “Add To Cart” (If you want to add more products to the cart) or click on “Buy Now” (if you just want a single product to order).

Go to the cart -> select the products you want to order.

Click on “Check Out“.

Choose your preferred delivery method (Home Delivery or Collection Point) & use a coupon code if you have any.

Proceed for payment -> Select a payment option before clicking the “Confirm Order“.

After confirming the order and completing the payment you will get a notification from the app and by SMS/E-Mail to let you know that the order is successfully placed.

You can get a visual of the whole process below –

Happy Shopping!

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